Why a Broker?

A yacht’s a big investment. So when it’s time to buy or sell, you want to make sure you pay a fair asking price or receive a fair price in return. That’s where a yacht broker can help. Just as you would turn to a real estate agent to buy or sell your house, working with a yacht broker has many benefits.

Buying a Yacht

• Our yacht brokers have access to the boat-sellers version of MLS, giving us a very large and trustworthy database of boats on the market.

• There is no cost to you to employ the services of a yacht broker. The seller pays all commissions.

• We can preview boats you are interested in, saving you valuable time.

• Our yacht brokers can provide you with an analysis of the current and competitive markets, ensuring you get the best value.

• We can assist in negotiations, as well as manage the title and documentation process.

Selling a Yacht

• Brokers fees are very reasonable, especially when compared to the exposure you’ll gain with a proper listing. You also only pay us if the boat sells.

• In addition to listing your boat on our website, we increase your exposure by advertising on many other websites and through a variety of marketing channels to reach the right potential buyers.

• We can help you determine the right price for your boat, based on competitive and current market analysis.

• We can advise you on preparing your boat to be listed so that you can maximize your return.

If you have any other questions about brokers, the process of buying and selling through a broker, or anything else, please feel free to contact us today. We are always glad to help.