At Lake Escape Yacht Sales, we offer our clients an honest, straight forward approach that ensures both buyers and sellers walk away happy from every sale. We strongly feel that if a transaction’s not good for all parties involved, it ultimately won’t be good for anyone.

Lynn Grissom, founder of Lake Escape Yacht Sales, started brokering houseboats and cruisers several years ago through another company. He had a passion for boating that quickly showed in sales. Friendships formed with fellow brokers and discussions among them made it clear there was a need for a new company, one that let the broker focus on what they’re good at—selling boats and making buyers and sellers happy customers.

Meet Lynn Grissom,
Owner of Lake Escape Yacht Sales

LynnGFrom an early age, Lynn vacationed with his family on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, with many weekends spent boating on the Mississippi River. He always liked the water, but found that he enjoyed boating more and more with each year that passed.

Lynn believes that in today’s hectic world, there aren’t many things you can do to slow your pace and enjoy an escape from everyday distractions. Boating, however, offers just that. It’s something you can do solo, with a few friends or the entire family.

Still to this day Lynn can recall the feeling he had when he bought his first boat. After the sale closed he thought it was the craziest thing he’d ever done! It was a lot of money to spend on something he and his family didn’t really need. But it didn’t take long until he was convinced it was the best money he’d ever spent. Boating has helped create more beautiful memories than any vacation or activity he and his family had done together. That’s why he started Lake Escape Yacht Sales. It was his way of helping other families discover those same feelings of joy, companionship and fun.

Lynn is thrilled to help you find the perfect boat for you and your family—or to help you sell your boat when that time comes, too. So have a look around the site and let Lynn or any of our other brokers  know if you find something you might like. We’re sure the perfect boat’s out there waiting for you and we can’t wait to help you find it.